Agile Delivery

Individuals and interactions more than processes and tools

We create value for our customers by building solutions for complex problems

The incremental and iterative approach, for the development of mission-critical products and solutions, is the key to success for IT organizations that must guarantee their customers the achievement of business objectives quickly, in a context of continuous technological evolution and with a high degree of uncertainty.

We help our customers with decades of experience in the development and maintenance of enterprise solutions, with the adoption of the most widely used agile frameworks in the world such as SCRUM, KANBAN

Our teams ensure quality and speed by adopting technical agility practices such as TDD, Code Refactoring, Test Automation and Continuous Integration.

Thanks to our specialists, inspired by the values ​​of the agile manifesto, we support enterprise organizations in the implementation of organizational delivery models, based on scaled agile framework (SAFe, LeSS, NEXUS) in international contexts and with distributed teams.

The layout of our offices has been designed to facilitate the adoption of the Scrum framework and support large workshops, such as PI Planning

The growth of people is at the heart of our goals. All our employees are involved in training programs and we actively support certification processes such as PSM, CSM, PSPO, SAF and Agilist.

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