Enterprise Application

We create solutions to meet the needs of large organizations

Connect companies to suppliers, partners and customers

We design business applications (EAS) to integrate the computer systems that perform all phases of a company’s operations to facilitate cooperation and coordination of work. The ideal business system should control all the main business processes in real time through software architectures on a client / server platform in the cloud.

Our business software is expanding its reach to connect businesses with suppliers, business partners and customers.

We create solutions to meet the needs of large organizations.

Web solution

We develop large-scale business web applications, which help to have control over all operational functions. Our custom solutions can be enterprise learning management systems (LMS), human resource management (HRM) platforms, enterprise resource planning (ERP) apps, customer relationship management (CRM) software, programs business continuity planning (BCP) and many others.

Mobile solution

We design and build native and cross platform mobile applications in highly complex enterprise scenarios, using the best of breed frameworks on the market. EMM with its experts is able to integrate any mobile solution with legacy systems and / or IoT hardware devices and offer maintenance and support services ensuring the necessary evolutions following the delivery phases.

Customer Experience

We always have in mind the needs of our customers; with them and for them we design and refine, through research and testing, solutions tailored to their needs. Customer involvement from the early design stages is the key to our model. We do this through the most advanced User Experience Research and Prototyping techniques with our team of experts using the most modern analysis and design software.

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