Corporate Welfare

A concrete measure of income support

The new corporate welfare plan

An initiative that represents a concrete measure of income support for all employees of EMM Systems Consulting because it allows them to benefit from an articulated package of benefits that do not constitute employee income and are therefore tax exempt, in compliance with Articles 51 and 100 of the Consolidated Income Tax Act (TUIR).

The benefit plan guarantees a budget to be spent on the services listed in art. 51 and 100 of the Consolidated Income Tax Act.

EMM is aware of the fact that balancing and conciliating work needs with personal and family ones are the necessary condition for the expression and development of the professional potential of its employees and thus wants to favor the creation of shared value, durable and sustainable over time.

We are confident that projects like these can bring concrete benefits to the quality of life for all of us and represent a differentiator and competitive advantage for EMM Systems Consulting.

How does the benefit plan work?

EMM has developed a dedicated web platform where you can view all the services that make up the package.

Repayment of education costs for children

Each employee can obtain reimbursement of their children’s enrollment and school attendance costs, from nursery school to university. You can also ask for the reimbursement of school texts, expenses for study holidays and for climatic colonies.

Repayment of expenses for babysitters and elderly relatives

Each employee can obtain reimbursement of expenses for babysitting and for the care of elderly relatives. The instructions are available in the refunds section of the portal.

Repayment of interest on mortgages and loans

Each employee can obtain reimbursement of the interest paid on loans and mortgages. By attaching the amortization plan and following the instructions, the system will calculate the refundable amount which will be credited directly to the current account.

Supplementary payments to the pension fund

Each employee can request supplementary payments to the contractual pension fund. By selecting the appropriate tab in the “Pension” section and deciding how much of the welfare plan to allocate to pension.

Coupons for goods and services

Each employee can order fuel vouchers, shopping vouchers and choose from a large catalog of cards to spend on leading clothing brands, electronics and much more.

Travel on demand service

Through our Extratour operator, each employee can use the welfare credit and travel to your favorite holiday destination. You can request a quote by following the instructions on the portal.

Leisure and personal care

In this section, we have decided to offer every employee services related to free time, such as gift boxes, gyms, season tickets to theaters, cinemas and much more. The web portal has restricted access with authentication via tax code.